About Us

At Christianshavn - very close to the center of Copenhagen and right by the bicycle bridge - we have added a quay.

On a lovely small houseboat that seats 35 people inside and just as many on our outdoor deck, we welcome you.

Our food is based on the Nordic cuisine and the ingredients that can be obtained during that season. We prepare small dishes that are simple but tasty and lovely to the eye.

There's something for everyone. Both for those who love green and those who are more into meat, fish or seafood.

It is important to us that there is room for everyone.

We serve brunch, lunch and dinner. You are also welcome to come over for a drink, a beer or a cup of coffee. Maybe a few of the small dishes can tempt you as a little snack.

As far as possible we are looking for local produce and therefore Amager brewhouse beer is also the card.

We have sailed our houseboat to Copenhagen all the way from Norway and we have spent the whole winter trying to repair it.

The owner Peter is a bit of an all-male and has been involved in the repair of the boat. we have used the floorboards from Kuglegården (the old commando central from the military), to make tables for the houseboat.

We love doing things ourselves and very much like recycling.

We look forward to welcoming you at Restaurant Grosen & Falkenbergs.

Greetings Dennis Grosen & Peter Falkenberg

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